Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Lonnie, I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate the services you have provided for my fathers funeral. The attention to detail and the manner in which you and your staff handled the entire process was extremely professional. Your approach is very compassionate and provided an overall comfort and confidence to my mother and the rest of the family as we collectively went through this experience. We appreciate all that you have helped us with and when the unfortunate time comes again that we need your services…we will be coming to Nyman again! Thanks Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart

June 25, 2018

On behalf of the family of Larry Nelson. We would like to thank Lonnie Nyman and his staff for the woderful job they did with my fathers services. They were so personal, treating Larry as if it were their own father they were preparing for his final internment. From they the start when Lonnie and Josh arrived at my parents residence to remove the remains, to the care in the preparation of the body, and all the arrangements at the church house and the cemetery. It was an honor working with them. Thank you once again.

Dennis Nelson

January 21, 2016

On behalf of the Don Daugs family, I’d like to thank Nyman Funeral Home for all they did to ensure the peaceful, final honoring of our Dad. We were so impressed with Lonnie and his staff from the minute they showed up at my Dad’s home, late at night, after he passed. They were reassuring and it was so touching to my Dad’s wife, to discover later, that they had left one red rose on my Dad’s bed. With it being so late, it would be normal protocol for them to wait until morning to return to the mortuary to care for my Dad’s body. But for reasons related to their scheduling, Lonnie and his partner decided to stay late, in the early morning hours to care for my Dad’s body. Turns out it was a blessing they did so, as waiting until morning would have caused a challenge for my Dad’s particular situation. This is one of many little and not-so-little ways, Nyman Funeral Home and the great people there, blessed our family in this process. Lonnie was very professional and went out of his way to ensure that my Dad’s children, and my Dad’s wife, were happy with the decisions being made. Because of our family dynamics, there were some challenging aspects of the funeral arrangements that needed to be addressed. Lonnie was empathetic and genuine and helped us honor our Dad’s memory in a way we all felt good about, while still honoring his professional obligation. Lonnie and his staff were patient and always pleasant, while waiting on the family to gather needed documents and deliver photographs for the DVD of my Dad’s life. We are a large family, with several family members involved in the arrangements. Lonnie was always gracious and accommodating when any of us called or e-mailed with a quick question or request. We decided to leave the choice of music for the DVD up to Lonnie and his staff, and it was perfect. They also did final enhancing to each photograph, made copies of the DVD for all immediate family members, as well as audio copies of the funeral and graveside services. Nyman Funeral Home offers some unique experiences, which I have not seen elsewhere. Their traditions of having the pallbearers where white gloves, sharing the story of the body and the spirit, the history of the word “casket”, the ceremony of the men leaving one white glove on the casket, and the female family members leaving a single stem flower….are all a part of what makes Nyman Funeral Home different, and so personal. Our family had multiple guests mention how impressed they were with the funeral staff and asked what company it was. Since Nyman Funeral Home is fairly new, many people in the valley are not yet familiar with them. I am confident they will soon be known throughout Cache Valley for the services they offer in such a caring, respectful and compassionate way. Some of my siblings commented: “I loved the white gloves and how they took care of getting flowers pinned on everyone.” “I loved how friendly they were when they came to get Dad the night he passed away.” “The funeral staff were very kind and caring and respectful”. “They were right there for anything we needed and checking in on us often, but still giving us all the space we needed.” “Lonnie was personable, attentive and sensitive to our family needs. Nyman Funeral Home provides professional services while offering helpful suggestions to fit our own situation.” “They were kind and thoughtful. Did a good job of remembering everyone’s names. Appreciated the bottled water at the viewing. Lots of good attention to little details.” I could continue to list all the details of how Lonnie and his staff made the days and events after my Dad’s passing, more flawless than we could have hoped for. But what stands out foremost in our minds is what truly matters most……it was very clear that Lonnie took his responsibility to care for the body of our beloved dad very seriously and did it with the utmost respect and reverence. As Lonnie gave instructions to the family, and spoke with us as a group before the funeral, it was clear that this is not just his “job”, but something that he feels very strongly about. You will not feel like “just another family, business as usual” with Nyman Funeral Home. This is a family business who truly has their heart in helping other families hearts feel peace during a difficult time. Thank you so much! From The Family of Donald Daugs

Miriam Jones (Donald Daugs)

October 18, 2015

I wanted to personally express my thanks to the Nyman Funeral Home in general and Lonnie Nyman in particular for the way they helped us after my older brother Richard D. Owens passed away on May 19, 2015 from complications due to a heart attack at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, UT. As soon as Richard D. passed, a nurse asked us if she would like for them to contact a funeral home for us to begin the final arrangments. My mom, Gladys Owens, immediately responded that she wanted the Nyman Funeral Home in Providence, UT to be the one to handle this final journal for Richard D. Within minutes, Lonnie contacted the family and made arrangements to come pick up Richard D. and transport him home to Cache Valley. I was amazed with how quickly Lonnie responded and how he drove down that very night to bring Richard D. home. The entire experience with the Nyman Funeral Home was a very compassionate one. Lonnie helped guide us through the entire process and helped us as a family navigate through the emotionally difficult situation that arises when someone you love passes on. Lonnie and his team did it all. What touched me the most was his offer to allow anyone from the family who wanted to to help dress Richard D. in his burial and temple clothing the day before the funeral. While when I was younger I might thought that to be a strange offer, as I’ve matured I’ve come to realize how cathartic such an experience can be for the family to ensure that your loved one is taken care of and that one final act of service can be rendered in his or her behalf. That experience, which was shared by my brother Ben and I, was one of the most special experiences of my life. To have the honor of dressing my older brother and doing this act of service for him is something I will never forget. After spending the last 17 days of his mortal life with him at the hospital and being there when he passed, it was something I wanted to do for him to help bring closure for myself personally and demonstrate that, even after he died, I wanted to do everything I could to lay him to peacefully to rest. I thank Lonnie for suggesting that this could be arranged. The compassion care with which the Nyman Funeral Home treated my brother Richard D. and the entire family stands in strong contrast to the experience we had with another funeral home when my father, Richard R. Owens, passed away on November 15, 2006. Swift, and uncompassionate efficiency was what this other funeral home offered. The Nyman Funeral Home offered both compassion and efficiency. Not only were they exceedingly good at what they did and extremely professional, they added a level of compassion that I will always appreciate. The special touch with the white gloves worn by the pallbearers and the short history of what the term “casket” meant (to place something of extreme value inside) was simply marvelous. Thank you again Lonnie and your remarkable family for the way in which you helped us through this difficult time. Losing a sibling suddenly is a very challenging and emotionally difficult experience, but you and your wonderful team helped us through it with a tremendous level of compassion with outstanding professionalism. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Matt Owens

July 18, 2015

To the amazing people at Nyman Funeral Home, Thank you for all you did to help losing our dear father, Jack Thompson easier. Your kindness, and going beyond what was ever expected, will always be appreciated and remembered! Thank you for being, it seemed, everywhere whenever we needed something even when we didn't know we needed it. You couldn't have been more wonderful. We would give you a "Ten-Star" rating if we knew how to do it. I have and will continue telling those who ask what an amazing, caring job you did. I would recommend Nyman Funeral Home to anyone who wants the VERY best care taken of the ones they loved, who have gone on. I wish we could find the words to let you know how grateful we are for all you did. Thank you again.

Thompson Families

May 18, 2015

It is hard to put into words how grateful we are to the Nyman Funeral Home for the kindness they showed our family during this difficult time of the passing our Mom. From the first phone call, they were so compassionate and thoughtful, helping us in every step along the way. As we meet with you to make the plans for the service, you walked us through each option and gave us time to discuss as a family what we wanted. We were so impressed with the details that you have in place to meet every need that we had. Everything was done so beautifully from the video, book, program and thank you notes that all matched. We have had so many comments on how beautiful the programs were and it turned out even better than we thought they would. We love it. You were there with so many little things that really went above and beyond from the bottles of water at the viewing that we were so grateful for, the mints at the book, to the talk to the little ones about the body and spirit and reminding all of us the knowledge we have, making sure that we made it back to the church from the cemetery, and checking to see if we needed anything before you left. The white gloves were such a touching little extra that really helped set a reverence tone for that grave site. I loved that and will always treasure the glove I have as a keepsake. Lonnie, you and your wife were so kind, caring, compassionate, and thoughtful to each of our family members and I was so impressed that after our first meeting with you, you remembered each of our names, and I felt your care for our Mom with each little detail that you made sure was taken care of and that everything was perfect for those two days. That meant a lot to me and each one of family members. Thanks again for the loving and caring way you took care of mom, and also met all of our needs. Boyd and Kaylene Mower January 26, 2015

Kaylene Mower

January 26, 2015

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the service you rendered to us these past few days with Grandma's serves. Thank you so very much for the compassion and love that you showed to my family this week. The passing of a loved one as lovely as my Grandma is so very difficult. We are so thankful for the caring, loving, compassionate, and empathetic way you handled everything from the first phone call, to meeting with you, to cleaning the church and going home. You and your sweet wife have hearts of gold and it shows in every detail. Thank you for your calm peaceful personality. It really put all of us at ease and let us each grieve in our own way. Thank you for the beautiful white gloves and the sweet message you left with us about the significance of them. While talking with my 7 and 5 year old today doing a re-cap and asking them how they felt about Grandma Greats funeral they both mentioned how grandmas spirit is now in Heaven and her old body is still here on earth. It really helped calm their anxiousness about the death process in such a visual way to help their young minds understand. I will highly recommend my friends and family use Nyman Funeral Home to help with the funeral arrangements of their loved ones. Thank you again.

Shelisa Pinson

January 14, 2015

I have to say that when my dad passed away. I never felt so much love and caring from someone as I did when working with you guys. Thank you for everything.

Melissa Otero

November 18, 2014

On behalf of the entire Tamara Smith family, it is with great pleasure and gratitude that we write this letter of “Thanks” to the Nyman Funeral Home and its establishment. From our first contact with the Nymans, and even now after the services have been rendered the Nymans have remained a steadfast support for all of our family. They were conscious of everyone’s needs and their comforting nature had a very calming effect on all of our family and friends. We wish to sincerely thank the Nyman Funeral Home and the Nyman family for their compassionate instruction, guidance, and service as we attempted to make arrangements for our beloved sister, and aunt. We cannot thank Nyman Funeral Home enough for all that they did to see us through and for giving us encouragement in our time of grief and need. With warmest regards and deepest gratitude. Connie and Robert Seamons Burke and Kathy Smith Roger and Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

August 04, 2014

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